Saturday, March 04, 2006

a helper for a child

I was working with young teen the other day, helping him develop his writing skills. He was telling me and writing about how he had been in the woods with some other people from the Center and had seen coyote tracks. As he was writing more, I suddenly heard the coyote asking me to ask the teen to look in the crystal ball. (This particular entity can use the crystal ball quite well.) So I did so without telling him why. He immediately saw the coyote.

That was good confirmation, so I told him that the coyote had asked me to get the crystal ball. I asked him to look again to see what the coyote had to say to him. This time he saw the coyote in pursuit of a chipmunk, but reported that no words were presented.

I sent him back yet again to see more clearly, but he could not get any more information. The coyote again began to speak with me, and I relayed the messages. This is how it went as best I can recall:

C: Did coyote have to work hard to get the chipmunk?
T: Very, very hard.
C: If Coyote did not work so hard, Coyote would starve. Coyote cannot survive if Coyote just tries. What is Coyote trying to show you? (as I was saying these words, I marveled at how differently I was speaking, including the speech patterns)
T: To work hard on what I do.

So we spoke about his effort on his first draft, which was minimal at best, and the second and third efforts which showed a great improvement.

I was grateful for Coyote's intervention. Yet I know that Coyote is the trickster as well as the bringer of wisdom. Perhaps Coyote's ways are somewhat like the teen's ways, yet the teen has not incorporated the adaptability and cleverness of this totem animal.

I believe Coyote tricks us only to show us we are not infallible and that in learning to laugh at ourselves, we learn a wonderful wisdom.

thank you coyote...

the cousins attended to this entry with great interest!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

the cousins influence one another

I am being ignored!! The cousins are busy chatting. The one who is already here is trying to prepare the unborn for the shock of being born! She tells him, "it is simply awful, but it gets better."

Now, when she was 3 months old or so she announced that she was NOT going to school, there was no need for that! The topic came up when he was listening (he has yet to tell me his name) and he commented that when he went to school, he was going to change how the school worked. This should be interesting to see indeed! That put a thought in her head that perhaps she too could effect change rather than just brushing the experience aside.

His mother went to the doctor this week and all is progressing as it should!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Cousins Chat

Now my two young friends chat with one another. They are exchanging their pasts, hers as a Maya, his as a Zulu... they listen with interest to each others' stories!

The youngest (only 3 months into conception, while the other is an elderly 17 months old, grin!) is coming to be a statesman. Not, he assures me, a politician, but a statesman in the way that King and Gandhi were. He just wants to lead people to have the courage to do the right thing.

He did not enjoy when he was a warrior, but that experience taught him much about people, much about leadership, much about inner discipline. He is determined to use those lessons in a different setting this time.

What a blessing to know these two entities as they make their plans for their lives.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A New Young Friend

I met a new young friend yesterday. He introduced himself as someone who will be born to friends of mine in August. He is such a strong man! He showed me how he had been a warrior king in Africa in a past... I believe he was a member of the Zulu tribe he said.

I called to let the parents know. They were pleased.

This person is very different from my other young friend, yet they both possess the same centeredness, if that is a word! She is lively and somewhat imperious. He is like the mountains, still and grounded. They will be cousins, so it will be interesting to see them interact!

I do not believe they know each other from the past. She is curious about him. As she remembers how to do much, I am sure she will be talking to him.

How exciting to be a part of this as it is unfolding!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Physical Progress

My young friend is beginning to walk now. What pride she takes in mastering this strange thing called a physical body. She has mastered leaving it to travel elsewhere, but getting the body to travel is a much more challenging task!

She makes sounds that are consistent and I know they are words for her. For some reason she does not make the telepathic leap to explain her words to me, or perhaps I just cannot hear her efforts.

However, whenever I am speaking of her to another, she is right in my ear with her honest comments!

The last time I saw her, she came to me, pointed to her coat, pointed to where the keys are kept in her father's house and then pointed outside. She clearly wanted to leave with me! However, she already knew she could not as it was too late and too long of a ride. Still, it was nice to know she loves being with me as much as I do being with her!

Monday, December 12, 2005

words of wisdom from my young friend

I awoke the other morning to find my young friend sitting on the bed with me, astrally, of course. She was pleased as punch, as was I. Then she apparently went to Oregon where she asked a friend of mine, who can speak to her better than I can, to call me. My Oregon friend did call and my young friend told me that when I worry about her, I take from her.

That was a brand new remembering for me! Of course I knew that to mourn and grieve extensively for those who return to spirit form only holds them back, but I had never considered what worrying about someone on this side might do. It made complete sense that worrying about them would detract from their progress. In my young friend's case, it pulled on her to consider my needs rather than focusing on her tasks at hand.

Ahh, negative emotions just do not serve a worthy purpose on any plane, it seems!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Help from my young friend

My young friend is 13 months old now. The other day I was giving a reading for someone. As she was talking, my friend suddenly appeared behind her. Anxiously she pointed to her neck, and announced that this woman needed help soon. "Send her to a chiropractor right away!" she exclaimed. She was so urgent that I interrupted the woman and told her that I was being told this. Then I asked her if her neck hurt at a particular spot.

She said, that yes, indeed it did! She had been in a car accident some years ago and suffered severe whiplash. I was glad for the confirmation and did urge her to be seen about it.

And the friendship continues between my young friend and myself!